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Category: Wedding Etiquette

Tips to help your bridal party save money

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, and not just for the bride and groom. Being a bridesmaid or groomsman is an incredible honor, but often a costly one. From showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties to dresses, suits, hotel rooms, and gifts, the dollars can add up for your steadfast friends. How can you help …

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Wedding plus ones – Who should you invite?

As your wedding guest list comes together, you and your fiancé may be surprised to see how high the numbers climb. It’s tough to remove any friends or family from the celebration, and as the list grows, the decision to offer a guest a plus one becomes even tougher. You likely have a budget, and are trying hard to stick to it, so how do you decide who gets to bring a guest?

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What ELSE to write on wedding invitations

what ELSE to write on wedding invitations - tips for answering all your guests' questions before the ask them

From attire and hotel rooms to meal choices and plus ones, your wedding invitations tell your guests all they need to know about your wedding day. While these basics are pretty obvious, you can make the most of your invitations by including the little details that guests may question closer to the big day.

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Got (too many) pots? Unique Registry Ideas

Dishes, bed sheets, and barware might be popular items on a wedding registry, but our Lehigh Valley brides are often choosing some new, modern takes on registering for gifts. If you and your fiancé are already settled in your home and don’t have a need for many traditional items, consider one of these modern takes on the wedding registry that will help you to ask for what you actually want or need.

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Do I NEED to have an Open Bar at my Wedding?

Do I need to have an open bar at my wedding? Wedding Bar Options

Maybe you and your fiancé are not big drinkers. Or maybe you are working with a limited budget. Either way, you are far from the first to wonder if you can pass on the open bar at your wedding reception. Is it ok to skip the open bar at your wedding, and if so, what are your other options?

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