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What ELSE to write on wedding invitations

From attire and hotel rooms to meal choices and plus ones, your wedding invitations tell your guests all they need to know about your wedding day. While these basics are pretty obvious, you can make the most of your invitations by including the little details that guests may question closer to the big day. Avoid begin bombarded with questions from your guests by making sure to consider these additional details when planning your wedding invitations.

Specific timing – “Reception to Follow” is a beautiful phrase often seen on wedding invitations, but when there is a break between the ceremony and the reception, it can be misleading. If your ceremony and reception are not back-to-back in the same location, avoid guests arriving early to your reception venue by putting a specific start time for the post-wedding celebration. If there is a break in between while you take photos, offer guests suggestions for what to do during that time, like check in to their hotel rooms or visit a nearby bar for a cocktail.

Manage food and drink expectations – While a “traditional” wedding may include a seated meal, many modern brides are opting for something a bit different, like a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception. Other options, like a cash bar or a vegetarian reception, can catch guests by surprise if they are not told in advance. Be clear on your invitations about what guests can expect to eat and drink after your ceremony, so they can be aware in advance of what you’ll be serving.

“Preferred” or “Optional” attire – Invitations are also the place to communicate the ideal attire for your wedding. While a black tie reception certainly requires a heads up to your guests, you may even opt to include “semi-formal attire preferred” for a garden ceremony. Consider your guests and how they would typically dress for a formal occasion. If you would prefer them to dress differently, don’t hesitate to put it in writing on your invites!

A Wedding Website – Another growing trend for the modern bride, wedding websites are not only a cute way to count down to your big day, but they give you an infinite amount of space to provide important information to your guests. Rather than pack your invitation envelope full to burst with every detail, simply direct your guests to your custom website for certain details. Your website can have everything from hotel accommodations and registry links to info about your bridal party and reception song requests. Explore the options and design a site that is both informative and reflective of you and your fiancé.

Once you choose what details to include on your wedding invitations, it’s time for the fun decision, the design! Working together to develop the style and colors of your invitations can mark the beginning of your entire wedding style, from your bridesmaids’ dresses to your statement centerpieces. Enjoy the process of creating your dream wedding day!

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