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Do I NEED to have an Open Bar at my Wedding?

Maybe you and your fiancé are not big drinkers. Or maybe you are working with a limited budget. Either way, you are far from the first to wonder if you can pass on the open bar at your wedding reception. Is it ok to skip the open bar at your wedding, and if so, what are your other options?

Dry Wedding Before you decide to host a dry wedding, take a look through your guest list. If you know that most of your guests are not big drinkers, that makes your decision easy. However, if the bulk of your guests will be looking to celebrate with drinks in hand, consider hosting at least a limited bar. Yes, this is your day, but you do not want to spend it fielding complaints from thirsty guests. Your event coordinator can help you plan the most appropriate option.

Limited Bar A “Beer & Wine Only” reception is becoming much more common with today’s couples. This is a smart way to keep the open bar feeling at your reception, without having to pay for the full bar. If you want to limit to a few certain liquors, showcasing them as the bride and groom’s featured cocktails is a cute way to incorporate your drink choices into your wedding theme.

Drink Tickets To further limit your spending, one additional option is to provide your guests with a certain number of drink tickets per person. This works best with a limited bar, so that you can determine more specifically which and how many drinks you will be paying for.

When choosing a bar option for your wedding, think about who will be in attendance and what type of partiers your guests will be. Talk to your event coordinator about what would work best with your wedding. Our coordinators and wedding planners have hosted all sizes and types of weddings, and can help you figure out what will work best on your wedding day!

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