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Tips to help your bridal party save money

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, and not just for the bride and groom. Being a bridesmaid or groomsman is an incredible honor, but often a costly one. From showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties to dresses, suits, hotel rooms, and gifts, the dollars can add up for your steadfast friends. How can you help your bridal party save money as they plan for your big day?

  • Give options for wedding day outfits. Obviously you want your bridal party to look cohesive, but there are so many ways to do this without a perfect matching look. Give your bridesmaids a range of dress styles to choose from in your color palate, so that they can choose the style that best fits their budget. Maybe you really want the guys to all wear the same suit, but letting them choose their own shirts and shoes can be a money saver.
  • Keep it local. If your wedding is near to where you or your family members live, consider getting ready that morning at a family home rather than at a nearby hotel. Inviting your maids or men to stay the night before the wedding with you at home not only helps to save on multiple-night hotel stays, but you’ll have a blast with your friends having a slumber party the night before the wedding!
  • Give a “gift” they can use on your wedding day. There are so many adorable and cool bridal party gives that you can customize for your friends, but what’s more memorable than something they can use on your wedding day? For the ladies, paying for professional hairstyling or make-up can be a generous and fun gesture. For the guys, why not give them the gift of a professional clean shave the morning of the wedding, or buy them those cuff links that you really want to see in your wedding photos.
  • Be flexible! It’s every bride’s prerogative to celebrate their engagement the way they’ve always dreamed. If you’ve been dying for a destination bachelorette party, definitely tell your maids, but don’t hold them to the travel plans if they cannot afford it. Offer to plan a local girl’s weekend in addition to any bigger travel plans so that no one needs to feel left out due to lack of funds.

Whatever your wedding budget, your bridal party will appreciate your efforts to minimize their wedding related costs.

Looking to save money on your side of the wedding planning? Look to our Lehigh Valley wedding planners for their tips on choosing a money-saving date, saving on bar costs, and how to simply say “no” when you need to!

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