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Got (too many) pots? Unique Registry Ideas

Dishes, bed sheets, and barware might be popular items on a wedding registry, but our Lehigh Valley brides are often choosing some new, modern takes on registering for gifts. If you and your fiancé are already settled in your home and don’t have a need for many traditional items, consider one of these modern takes on the wedding registry that will help you to ask for what you actually want or need.

Honeymoon Fund – Wishing for that dream honeymoon? Your guests can help get you there by contributing to a fund that will pay for your trip. Ask your local travel agent about this option; many will be able give your guests a direct link through which they can help fund a trip that you’ll remember forever!

Gift Cards – Feeling indecisive? Make things easy for you and for your guests by registering for gift cards. Choose a range of stores and price points, so people can spend as little or as much as they want. Think about big future purchases that may come up after the wedding and where you would make those purchases, but don’t forget about cards to restaurants, bookstores or online shopping outlets, too!

Charitable Donations – In lieu of wedding gifts, some couples have requested that their guests make a donation to a charity that is close to their hearts. If you have a specific charity in mind, reach out to them and see if they can provide an easy to use code or link that your guests could use to donate.

Tradition with a Twist – Maybe you could use another set of pots and pans. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t also register for that funky clock you’ve both been eyeing or a set of beer mugs with mustaches drawn on them. Your guests will enjoy finding some surprises on your wedding registry, and many will be even more excited to buy you the funny things!

If you’re planning a Lehigh Valley wedding registry, ask our event planners for further suggestions and details. We love sharing the original ways that couples celebrate with one-of-a-kind gifts for a one-of-a-kind wedding day!

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