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Thank You Notes Made Easy

The wedding countdown is filled with festivities for the bride – the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, and often gifts from your generous wedding guests-to-be! People close to you will want to celebrate every step, from the engagement through to the wedding day, and any gifts given during this time frame deserve their own thank you notes. So, how to make the thank you card writing process quick, easy, and meaningful?

Take notes. If you receive a gift in the mail, make note of who sent it and what they sent right away. It is a good idea to keep track of any gifts sent in a notebook or worksheet on your computer – where you can keep guest names, gift information, any personal notes about what the gift means to you. Jotting down these details will save you time when you sit down and write – and will be a life saver when you can’t remember what someone gave you!

Pre-Write. Use that notebook or document to take all the gift details and write or type out what you want to say in advance for each person and gift. Having your thank you card content already planned out will help you breeze through writing the actual cards themselves, especially when you have a lot of them, like after a bridal shower.

Choose a Card. Consider your wedding planning style when picking out thank you cards. Is there a card that matches your invitations design? Do you want to create your own card using a cute photo from your engagement shoot? Choosing a card that really shows off your personality will make it more meaningful to recipients and more fun for you to write.

Hand-Write. We know, it would be so much easier to send a blanket “thanks for the ___” to all your bridal shower attendees. But the touch of a handwritten card that includes some personal details will go a long way to express your gratitude. Include how happy you are to share this experience with them, how excited you are to use that new food processor, or how much you love those “Mr. and Mrs.” luggage tags!

When writing thank you cards for pre-wedding gifts and events, think about how special it is to share your engagement and wedding with your friends, family, and new family members. Keep this gratitude in mind and your thank you cards will shine!

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