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Category: Engagement

Who to invite to your Bridal Shower?

Who should you invite to your bridal shower?

Planning a wedding means so much more than just scheduling one day. There are also all the other events leading up to the wedding! A few months out, you as the bride are likely thinking about the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Though these events often occur in a similar window of time, they could not be more different in style, and often have pretty different guest lists. But how do you choose who gets the invite to which events?

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Resizing your ring: How should it fit?

Resizing your engagement ring - how should it fit?

Whether you were happily surprised by a proposal or you and your fiancé are fresh from ring shopping, it’s important to have your ring sized correctly. But for those of us who are new to wearing rings, the perfect fit may not be as easy to determine as the perfect pair of jeans. Let the professionals help you get it right by having your ring resized. Here’s how to do it.

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When should you start planning your wedding?

when should you start planning your wedding | Lehigh Valley weddings bethlehem pa event center at blue

Congratulations on your engagement! All of us at the event center at blue are always thrilled to hear that a new bride is counting down to her big day. We would love to help you plan your Lehigh Valley wedding, but first, the big question: when do you need to start planning?

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Do you sleep wearing your engagement ring?

There’s a beautiful engagement ring on your finger, and you couldn’t be happier. There are countless things to think about and plan in your future, but start by enjoying every little moment: including snuggling up next to your new “fiancé” for the first night and – suddenly thinking, “should I sleep with my engagement ring on?”

Cue the first of many questions you may have as a new bride-to-be. When should you NOT be wearing your engagement ring?

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