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Who to invite to your Bridal Shower?

Planning a wedding means so much more than just scheduling one day. There are also all the other events leading up to the wedding! A few months out, you as the bride are likely thinking about the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Though these events often occur in a similar window of time, they could not be more different in style, and often have pretty different guest lists. But how do you choose who gets the invite to which events? Today, we’re tackling the bridal shower.

First, determine your (or someone else’s) budget. If your family or bridal party is taking on the cost of your shower, talk to them about their plans before building your guest list. A moderate shower budget can go a lot further with a smaller guest list.

Decide the location, keeping your guests in mind. If most of your guests will be coming from out of town for the wedding, consider traveling back to your hometown for your bridal shower. Making the location convenient for as many guests as possible will make it easier for everyone you want to be there to attend!

Choose between a couples or singles event. Many of our brides are opting to host a couple’s shower, rather than the traditional ladies-only affair. Either way, make sure your fiancé and his family also have a say in who is invited to the shower.

Go through your wedding guest list. At this point, you’ve likely sent out Save the Dates and put together a list of your guests for the big day, so that is a great place to start to determine the shower list. As a couple, go through your lists and decide who should get the invite.

Always extend the invitation. Even if you think someone might not be able to make it, sending an invite anyway is always polite. Including a little note to say you understand if they can’t make it, but wanted to extend the invite is a cute way of showing how much that person means to you.

Once you’ve decided on your guest list, we have one more suggestion: make sure your registry is ready to go! Your future shower guests will want to help you celebrate your upcoming wedding, and will likely be asking for a registry. Looking for a unique take on a registry? We’ve got a whole list of some fun and unique wedding registry ideas.

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