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Resizing your ring: How should it fit?

Whether you were happily surprised by a proposal or you and your fiancé are fresh from ring shopping, it’s important to have your ring sized correctly. After all, if you wore the same outfit every day, you would want it to fit perfectly, right? But for those of us who are new to wearing rings, the perfect fit may not be as easy to determine as the perfect pair of jeans. Let the professionals help you get it right by having your ring resized. Here’s how to do it.

Go back to where the ring was purchased. While any jeweler can polish and resize your ring for you, the original jeweler who sold the ring is your best bet. Not only are they most familiar with your ring specifically, but many will even resize it for free. This process can often be done in under a few hours. Call ahead and plan a day of it. You and your fiancé can spend some quality time browsing wedding rings while your engagement ring is sized and buffed to perfection.

Find the right size. Any jeweler (or ring-shopping boyfriend) can tell you that without knowing your size, it’s best to start with a ring that is a little too big. It is more difficult, though not impossible, to make a small ring bigger than it is to shrink a ring that is overlarge. Regardless, your jeweler will be able to measure your finger and offer their suggested size.

Your ring SHOULD be hard to take off. This is our biggest piece of advice! Though it may be comfortable at a size 6, your jeweler may recommend 5½. Your primary goal is preventing your ring from sliding off on its own accord. If you can’t comfortably do some jumping jacks without worrying your ring will fall off, go half a size smaller.

Consider the weather. In the summer, our joints tend to be more swollen than during the winter months. Keep the time of year in mind; if you had a snowy engagement, the ideal ring size may be a little looser on you now, but will be perfect come summer. If you have any concerns, as your jeweler.

My ring won’t stop spinning! Your ring fits you to a tee, but you keep noticing the diamond spun downward towards your palm? Don’t stress. Your finger is at its thinnest where your ring sits, which allows it some room to rotate. It will spin a lot less once your wedding band sits below it, pushing your engagement ring up slightly. If this particularly concerns you, consider a wider style of wedding band to help your ring sit higher on your finger.

Once you have your ring sized correctly, your mind will be free to wander to other things, like where and when to plan your wedding! If a Bethlehem wedding is in your future, talk to our wedding planners about how we can help make your day one to remember.

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