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Do you sleep wearing your engagement ring?

There’s a beautiful engagement ring on your finger, and you couldn’t be happier. There are countless things to think about and plan in your future, but start by enjoying every little moment: including snuggling up next to your new “fiancé” for the first night and – suddenly thinking, “should I sleep with my engagement ring on?”

Cue the first of many questions you may have as a new bride-to-be. When should you NOT be wearing your engagement ring?


Whether you snooze with your engagement ring on is a simple matter of preference. You may opt to remove it before going to bed or completing any physical activities, especially if it is in need of resizing. The size and cut of your ring, as well as your sleeping style, may help you make this decision as well. You don’t want your ring getting caught on sheets, or worse, caught on your fiancé!

At bedtime, a simple jewelry holder can make an easy overnight spot for your ring. For extra precaution, you can permanently mount your preferred holder to your bedside table or dresser. This way, there’s no chance of it getting knocked over by a sleepy hand looking for the snooze bar in the morning!

Showering/Beauty Routine

Take a good look at your shower drain. Are there openings that a ring could fit through? If so, you might consider removing your ring or investing in an inexpensive drain cover – just in case. Post-shower, your body lotion can get caught in the tiny spaces of your ring, so it may be worth slipping it off while you lotion up.


While it would take a lot to damage a diamond, your band can get scuffed by heavy workout equipment. Consider wearing athletic gloves if you regularly use machinery at the gym and want to leave your ring on; if you’re more into cardio, a well-fitted ring should be no problem.

Still unsure when not to wear? Ask friends or family members who have been in your shoes. But remember, these decisions need to be comfortable for YOU! Even if your newlywed friend still takes off her wedding ring every night, you may opt to wear yours 24/7. Feel free to try a few different routines of wearing your engagement ring until you find what’s best for you.

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