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When should you start planning your wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement! All of us at the event center at blue are always thrilled to hear that a new bride is counting down to her big day. We would love to help you plan your Lehigh Valley wedding, but first, the big question: how soon do you need to start planning?

Once the news of your engagement is spread to friends and family, the questions will start pouring in. “Have you thought about a date, yet?” “Where will you get married?” Don’t let it be overwhelming; your loved ones are just excited to celebrate with you!

After the dust settles, it may seem fast, but have your first wedding conversation with your fiancé. As important as it is to enjoy simply being engaged, you do not want to miss out on your dream wedding venue, photographer or ceremony spot.

Talk about the big picture things. Where would you like to get married? How many people will you want to attend? Envisioning your dream wedding with your fiancé will help you come up with ideas together. It’s better to have these conversations one-on-one, before having to answer the same questions and fielding suggestions from friends and family.

If you can narrow down the big commitments, like venue, photographer, hotel, etc., take some time during this exciting stage to set up meetings, look at portfolios and find your ideal date. Once you have you favorites chosen, cross check a few dates and look for something that works for all parties. If it feels right, book it!

We are always happy to meet with prospective brides and grooms and answer any of your questions at our event center. Planning at least a year in advance gives us plenty of time to get to know you as a couple and build your perfect wedding, but if you have a longer or shorter engagement in mind, just let us know!

So, when should you start planning your wedding? No diagram or timeline can work perfectly for every couple. Give yourselves plenty of time to explore your options, and don’t be afraid to book early if you feel you’ve found “the one.” If it’s a Lehigh Valley wedding you’ll be planning, give us a call anytime! We’d love to hear your story, and see what we can do to make your wedding day picture perfect.

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