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Category: Attending a Wedding

How to be a good bridal party member

So you're going to be in a wedding. What should you do as a bridesmaid or groomsman to help plan for the big day?

So you’re going to be in a wedding. Once you agree to take on the role of bridesmaid or groomsman, you begin the countdown to a number of celebratory events. But your job as a member of the wedding party involves a lot more than toasting at the bachelor(ette) party! Help the bride or groom pull off their dream day by following these tips.

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RSV”Polite” Response Card Etiquette

It’s time for the bride and groom to take a sigh of relief – their wedding invitations are out! That means the rest is up to you, the guest, to help them with their remaining wedding plans. Once you receive that invitation in the mail, it’s important to be prompt in your reply, and don’t forget to check for these small but essential details!

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How to be a good wedding guest

how to be a good wedding guest event center at blue lehigh valley wedding

Wedding season is upon us, and whether you’re attending a destination ceremony or a Lehigh Valley wedding, you know the bride and groom are looking forward to their big day. What can you do to help the happy couple enjoy their celebration? Be the perfect attendee! Follow our dos and don’ts of being a good wedding guest.

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