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How to be a good bridal party member

So you’re going to be in a wedding. Once you agree to take on the role of bridesmaid or groomsman, you begin the countdown to a number of celebratory events. But your job as a member of the wedding party involves a lot more than toasting at the bachelor(ette) party! Help the bride or groom pull off their dream day by following these tips.

Offer to help… with anything. Whether it’s addressing shower invitations or making an emergency trip to buy the groom a new belt, make it clear from the beginning that you’re willing to pitch in wherever necessary. Your enthusiasm and support will go a long way in helping the couple plan for their wedding day!

Get to know your fellow party members. If you met the bride in college and never really got to know her friends from high school, now’s the time to bond. You’ll be planning events and celebrating together, and no bride needs to worry about whether her bridesmaids will get along! Take the time to befriend any new faces, and don’t forget to connect with the groom’s side, too.

Plan the bachelor/bachelorette party. Perhaps the most cliché part of being a groomsman is throwing an awesome bachelor party for the groom. Though the Best Man may take the lead, make suggestions that you think the groom would enjoy and be sure to be prompt in communicating your availability and paying any deposits for the party.

Finalize your wedding ensemble early. Once the bride and groom share their choices for suits, tuxes, and dresses, make your purchase or schedule your rentals right away. If you’re scrambling to put yourself together last minute before the wedding, you won’t be able to help the man and woman of the hour.

Remember… it’s not about you! As with any wedding guest, on the day of the wedding, you should focus your attention on the bride and groom. You do not want to be the bridesmaid who makes the bride late for her walk down the aisle because you forgot your shoes, or the groomsman who is scowling in all the wedding photos! Try to plan ahead and put your own stresses behind you, so you can focus on helping your friends, the happy couple, have the perfect wedding day.

If it’s a Lehigh Valley wedding you’ll be in, our wedding planners are happy to make suggestions for everything from bachelorette dinners to wedding vendors. Contact us to inquire about our Bethlehem wedding venue and for more ideas for helping plan a wedding!

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