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How to be a good wedding guest

Wedding season is upon us, and whether you’re attending a destination ceremony or a Lehigh Valley wedding, you know the bride and groom are looking forward to their big day. What can you do to help the happy couple enjoy their celebration? Be the perfect attendee! Follow our dos and don’ts of being a good wedding guest

Do RSVP quickly – Respond to the couple’s invitations right away. Put their date on your calendar immediately, and let the couple know ASAP, even before invitations arrive, if you know for sure that you cannot attend. When you receive the official invite, fill out your response card and send it back promptly. The couple will be grateful for your quick reply.

Do be on time – If the ceremony starts at 3pm, aim to arrive by 2:30. Allowing yourself some time for delays ensures that you won’t be walking to your seat after the bride walks down the aisle!

Do respect traditions – Whether traditional or casual, every ceremony has been planned meticulously by the bride and groom. If you have different opinions on how vows should be exchanged, please keep these to yourself. Remember, you are here to celebrate the love between two people you care about. It’s their day!

Don’t judge – Maybe you aren’t a fan of the couple’s centerpieces, or don’t like the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. With so many weddings on Pinterest and TV these days, it can be tempting to judge the elements of your friends’ big day. Instead, make a mental note of things that you might like for your own wedding, or to suggest to future brides. When you talk to the bride and groom, complement them on the elements you DO like – like their adorable wedding favors!

Don’t make it about you – Did you hit terrible traffic on the way to the ceremony? Did your favorite dress rip on your way out the door? Or maybe your son got sick at the hotel? None of these are things the bride and groom need to hear at their receiving line. Save your stories for after the wedding, and keep the focus on the celebration.

Don’t wear white! – Summer might be filled with cute white sundresses, but no matter how much you love a dress, no matter how good it makes your tan look – ladies, do not wear white to a wedding! Even a light beige or off-white can look very similar to the bride’s dress. Stick to bright patterns on a white background if you must, and let the bride be the only one in the white dress.

You know the happy couple has put all their efforts into making their wedding day amazing. By respecting these dos and don’ts, you can be a good wedding guest and help make their day even better.

Attending a Lehigh Valley wedding here at the event center at blue? We can host up to 420 wedding guests, and can’t wait to share in the celebrations with you and the happy couple!

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