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RSV”Polite” Response Card Etiquette

It’s time for the bride and groom to take a sigh of relief – their wedding invitations are out! That means the rest is up to you, the guest, to help them with their remaining wedding plans. Once you receive that invitation in the mail, it’s important to be prompt in your reply, and don’t forget to check for these small but essential details!

1. Read carefully! A wedding invitation has been artfully crafted by the future Mr. and Mrs. to not only convey their style, but also to communicate ALL the important details of their big day. Be sure to read everything thoroughly and to mark your calendar with all the details.

2. Check the envelope. Before you clearly print your significant other’s name on the RSVP card, check the envelope for how it was addressed. The clearest way for the couple to convey that you have a plus one is by including them in the mailing address. Look for either your significant other’s name or “and Guest” after your own before assuming that the invitation is for two. The same goes for bringing your children to the wedding – if names are not listed, ask before writing all those names down.

3. Ask the right people. If you have questions, first look to see if a wedding website URL was included. If the couple created their own website, that page may provide you with more information. If you are still stumped about something, reach out to your closest wedding party confidant. If you are particularly close with the Maid of Honor, or live next door to the groom’s father, go to that person first with your questions. These people will likely be equally well-informed about the wedding day, and this way, everyone is not calling the bride and groom upon receiving their invitations.

4. Respond Promptly. If there was ever a piece of mail that deserved your immediate attention, it’s this one. Your response on that card helps the bride and groom determine everything from seating charts to final budgets, and should not be left to the last minute. Most RSVP cards come prepared with a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope – meaning popping it in the mail couldn’t be any easier. Fill it out promptly and send that little guy on his way! Doing so well before the RSVP date will be greatly appreciated.

5. Take notes. Before that RSVP card hits the mailbox, you may want to snap a photo of your reply, or else make note of your dinner choices if the wedding offers a plated meal. When the day approaches, you may want to remind yourself of those choices. Looking up a note or photo is a lot better option than calling the bride the week of her wedding to ask whether you ordered the stuffed flounder or the filet mignon!

By paying attention to detail and sending a prompt reply to a wedding invitation, you’re already being the perfect wedding guest. Keep the polite etiquette going by being the perfect guest on their wedding day!

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