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The Importance of Seating Charts

Your RSVPs are coming in, and you and your fiancé are ready to do the impossible: construct the perfect seating arrangement for your wedding guests. As important as it is to sit friends together and exes far apart, there are reasons aside from who knows who to choose certain seats for certain guests. Don’t overlook these oft-forgotten elements of developing the perfect seating chart.

It’s for you AND the venue – Yes, you want your guests to enjoy chatting with the people at their table. But the assigned seating at a wedding venue does more than help with small talk, it is absolutely vital for the staff serving you your filet mignon. If your wedding includes a seated meal, make sure you communicate your guest list, meal choices and seating charts with your wedding planner and venue. This is an essential part of helping us prepare and deliver the perfect meals that your guests can’t wait to enjoy!

Physical disability & older guests – if you are lucky enough to have a grandfather or great aunt attending your wedding, these guests, among others who may require occasional assistance, should be seated at the tables closest to the doors. Though you may want these honored guests to be seated at the center of it all, make things easier for them by removing any difficulties of finding and getting to their table. Do the same for any recently injured guests – if your cousin has a broken leg, try not to seat him in the corner farthest from the entrance.

Sensitive ears – You may be pumped to dance the night away to the tunes of your DJ, but some guests might prefer to keep things lower key. Think of older guests, children in attendance, and anyone who might prefer to watch from their table instead of party on the dance floor. Seat these guests further away from the sound system or speakers that will be set up by your chosen entertainment. If you are unsure where these speakers typically sit, ask your venue to draw them in their typical spots on a map of the room and all its tables.

Parents want to see it all! – Don’t deprive your parents of one second of this exciting day! Keep moms and dads at a table close to you and right at the edge of the dance floor, so they don’t miss a moment because a centerpiece or friend’s head got in the way.

Remember these little tips for a big impact when planning your seating arrangements. Before you know it, your wedding seating chart will feel like a work of art, perfectly crafted with all your friends and family’s needs in mind.

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