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Host an Adults-Only wedding… the Polite way!

An adult’s-only wedding reception is far from uncommon – in fact, at our Lehigh Valley wedding venue, we see many couples opt to limit their guest list to just the grown-ups. When you decide to impose this age line, telling your guests who have kids of their own can feel awkward – but it doesn’t have to!

While simply stating “Adults-Only Reception” on your wedding invitations is one way to get your point across, you may want to give it a more personal touch. Chances are, the majority of your guests will not have young children at the time of your wedding, rendering the “Adults Only” statement unnecessary for most of your invitation recipients.

Instead, start by making a list of your guests who do have young children. Discuss with your fiancé where you think the cut-off age should be, if necessary. Once you have your list made, you can address each family individually.

The hands-down best way to do this is in person. Arrange to meet with the parent or parents of each child in question, and be completely honest with them. Whether your adults-only decision was fueled by budget, time, venue, or just personal preference, this is your chance to convey the vision you have for your wedding day. Express your love for the whole family, but don’t feel shy or embarrassed about communicating your decision. This is your big day; don’t be afraid to say no when you need to!

If you are unable to meet or speak with any parents on your guest list, write a personalized note to include in their wedding invitations. By taking the time to address them specifically and explain your decision, you are showing your consideration in a way that a line of text on your invitations never could. Use this opportunity to let them know how excited you are to celebrate with them, and thank them for helping to make your wedding day everything you hope it will be.

By making things personal, you show your guests just how important they are to you. Your attention will not go unappreciated! Remember, these are people who love you, many of whom have been in your shoes before, and they will want to do all they can to make this a perfect day for you and your fiancé. Before you know it, “Adults-Only” will become a mere footnote on your dream wedding.

If it’s a Lehigh Valley wedding you’re planning, we are here to help! Contact our wedding planners to start talking about what your dream day could look like at the event center at blue.

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