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If you know a guest can’t come to the wedding, should you still send an invitation?

You’ve put a lot of thought into who you want to be there on your wedding day. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that every single person on the guest list will be able to RSVP “Yes.” Some guests may know far in advance that they won’t be able to attend your wedding, perhaps for health or travel reasons, or even due to a conflicting wedding. If a guest lets you know that they cannot attend before your invitations go out, should you still send them an invite?

Sure, the cost of your invitations adds up, and you may be thinking it a waste to send an invitation that will get a guaranteed “No” on the RSVP card. But especially if the guest in question is very close to you or your fiancé, you may want to consider sending one anyway.

Why? First off, if you already sent this guest a Save the Date, they are likely expecting to receive the invitation. After all, your wedding invitation is more than just a party invite; it’s a call to celebrate the beginning of your marriage. This celebration can occur in many ways. Even a guest who cannot attend may want to send you their best wishes in the form of a card, gift, or personal message on their return RSVP card.

If you are worried that the invitation will seem like you are asking for gifts, put a stop to that fear by adding a personal note to this guest’s envelope. A simple “We’re so sorry you can’t make it to the wedding, but just couldn’t bear to take you off the list! Looking forward to celebrating with you another time soon” can go the extra mile to show your guest that you care about them, even though they can’t share in your big day.

A wedding is about so much more than one day’s celebration. It is the foundation of a life spent together. Every person on that guest list will be a part of your lives moving forward, whether they can be there for the wedding or not. By sending out all invitations, you tell your guests that they mean the world to you, and that you’ll be thinking of them well after you say “I Do.”

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