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How to say “no” during wedding planning

You’re planning a celebration that you and your fiancé will remember for the rest of your lives. It’s a huge day for the two of you, but it’s also a big day for your friends and family. As suggestions, requests and ideas come pouring in from your loved ones during wedding planning, it’s difficult to draw the line. But “no” doesn’t have to be a cursed word in your wedding vocabulary if you learn to use it the right way. Here’s how.

Set the tone from the beginning. We all know that questions and ideas come pouring in for your wedding the moment you get engaged. Respond to ideas by saying that you want to decide with your fiancé – that the two of you haven’t picked your wedding colors yet, for example, but you want to choose the best fit for both of you. Politely compliment suggestions, even if they are not your style, and offer your thanks for the input! Remember, all suggestions are coming from a place of excitement and love.

Determine what’s important, and stick to it. Every single guest at your wedding will have a different opinion on what traditions he or she prefers. But your wedding should be about sharing who the two of you are as a couple, and that might mean introducing some new traditions. Early on in your planning, discuss all the important elements of your lives together and how they fit into your wedding day. Explaining how you came to plan your ceremony in a certain way will earn the respect of your guests and help them get to know you and your fiancé as a team.

Don’t try to please everyone. A more conservative relative might be saddened by your choice to not have a religious ceremony, while your hip cousin might complain about sitting through your extended vows. Don’t let their comments sway you from what means the most to you and your fiancé. Instead, communicate why this aspect of your wedding is important to both of you.

Offer an explanation why. Whether it’s a friend who wants to bring her toddler to your adults-only reception, or a parent who has grand dreams for your wedding when you would prefer a smaller ceremony, have an honest discussion with your loved ones and guests about the reasons behind your decisions. Saying “no” to a request doesn’t have to put you on the defensive, but instead can give you the opportunity to educate a guest about what’s really important to you.

We know wedding planning can be stressful, but if things get overwhelming, just remember the most important part: the celebration of a marriage. You and your fiancé are doing so much more than throwing a party for a bunch of guests; you’re honoring the beginning of your lives together. Your guests will be happy to celebrate with you, in whatever form you want that celebration to be.

If it’s a Lehigh Valley wedding you’re planning, we are here to help! Our wedding planners will walk you through every step of your event center at blue wedding. Contact us to inquire about your big day today!

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