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Where should you sit at your wedding reception?

Let’s be honest, on your wedding day, you won’t do a lot of sitting. From photos and the ceremony to cocktail hour and greeting your guests, it’s a long day filled with lots of steps. Amidst all the mingling, make sure you eat on your wedding day! The question is, where should you be seated for that first meal as a married couple? Our Lehigh Valley wedding venue offers numerous seating options for the bride and groom – any of which will work well for your wedding.

Sweetheart Table

Your wedding day is all about you and your new partner… and your wedding party, family, friends, and guests. There aren’t a lot of moments for the two of you to simply enjoy each other’s company. A sweetheart table, a smaller table set just for the two of you, gives you a chance to enjoy that first meal together, one-on-one. Sweetheart tables also give your guests a point of reference for where you will be sitting; so they can stop by to wish you well after they finish their own meals.

Wedding Party Table

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen have been you every step of the wedding planning way – and you may want to enjoy that first meal with them by your side. Besides, when else will this group of friends and family be all together at once? Your maids and men have likely gotten to know each other pretty well by the time of your wedding, and will enjoy each other’s company at a large table designated for you and the wedding party. A long, straight table at the front of the room can help accommodate a larger party.

One of the Guests

There is no rule that says newlyweds have to sit at a table that stands out from the crowd. If you’d prefer to sit among some of your closest friends and family and their guests, feel free to mark yourselves seats at the table of your choice! We recommend choosing a table that is close to the front of the room or dance floor, so that you can pop up for a dance or a toast quickly and easily. It is also a nice touch to leave a pair of seats at your chosen table open, so guests can drop in to say congratulations without having to hover over your meal.

Wherever you choose to sit at your wedding reception, guests will have an easy time keeping their attention on the newlyweds. After all, it’s your big day! If it’s a Lehigh Valley wedding your planning, our event planners will help you lay out our four ballrooms exactly as you envision. See some of our wedding reception table settings or contact us to visit blue and see for yourself!

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