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When should you leave your reception?

Our Lehigh Valley brides put so much effort into planning every step of their wedding day: the first look, the ceremony, the dinner, the dancing… the moments are endless! But what about that final moment: bringing the celebration to an end? Making sure your big day ends on the right moment is an equally important part of your planning. Determine the perfect exit strategy based on a few big factors:

Planning a grand exit? Are you planning a big, sparkler-filled exit as a couple from your reception? If so, you’ll want to make sure your guests are involved. Tentatively plan your exit for at least fifteen minutes prior to your reception’s end, so that you don’t miss any guests who might want to head out after dessert. If you sense that the party is wrapping up earlier, feel free to move your exit up in the timeline. This gives you a chance to bid farewell to many of your guests – and you can always rejoin the remaining party after your exit photos are complete!

Planning an after party? Does your party continue at a new location after the reception? If you expect most of your guests to attend an after party, or a post-wedding brunch the next day, you may feel less inclined to say all your thanks and goodbyes at the reception. This might mean grabbing the first shuttle to get the after party started, or it could mean hitting the pillow after a long, exciting day!

Are you exhausted? You might have a perfect timeline in mind for the end of your reception, but you never how both of you will be feeling by the end of the day. Guests will completely understand if you are ready to crash a bit before the night is over! Say your goodbyes and encourage your guests to keep the party going.

So, what are the rules about when to leave your reception? There are none! It’s your wedding, and your guests want you to enjoy every minute, including the minutes spent just the two of you at the end of it all. Be sure to express your thanks and say goodbye to as many guests as possible before you call it a night, and take one last look around your reception space. You’ll want to remember this night forever!

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