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Should you have a First Look?

The tradition is a classic one: the groom sets his eyes on his bride for the first time as she begins her walk down the aisle. It’s a beautiful moment that has been shared by many of our event center couples, but it is beginning to share the spotlight with a different type of pre-wedding moment. The “First Look” is becoming common in modern weddings; we see it a lot at our Lehigh Valley wedding venue. There are lots of reasons that couples choose to share this look, and we’re here to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your wedding!

So, what is a First Look?

It’s a moment that the couple shares before the ceremony, where they get to see each other for the first time. The look often occurs alone, perhaps in the company of a photographer, or with the bridal party or closest family members as the only onlookers.

A First Look:

Can be more intimate. When the wedding guest list is a large one, waiting to see each other until the ceremony can mean sharing that first moment with hundreds of people. A First Look in the company of those closest family and friends can make the moment a bit more personal, if you would prefer to keep it more intimate.

Gives you much needed alone time. It’s your wedding day, but you’ll share it with all of your guests. With so many “thank you”s to say and people to see, you and your newly betrothed will not spend much of the day alone together. To start things off with a private moment can help you remember what’s important about this big day: each other!

Can help with your pre-wedding jitters. There’s so much preparation that has gone into planning your wedding, much of it likely done together as a couple. The day of, you go your separate ways to get ready, and are likely anxious to see one another! Sharing a First Look can help lessen any anxiety going into your ceremony.

Allows for photos before the wedding. A photographer or videographer often captures a First Look, which lets you look back on that intimate moment forever. If sharing this moment with your family or bridal party, you can easily segue into group photos afterwards that would otherwise take up precious time after the ceremony.

Is the First Look right for you and your fiancé? You might be excited to honor the tradition of first seeing one another on your walk down the aisle, and to share that moment with all your guests! In that case, save your glances for the ceremony – the building excitement to see each other will make that moment all the more special!

If you could go for a quieter moment, the First Look might be perfect for your big day. Talk with your fiancé about how you envision your first encounter on your wedding day. Either way, it will be a “first look” that you’ll remember forever!

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