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What to tell your wedding vendors

DJs, photographers, florists, oh my! We know planning a wedding means working with a number of different vendors. At our Lehigh Valley wedding venue, we’re here to coordinate with all your vendors on the big day. But how do you develop the right relationship with these professionals to ensure that everyone gets it right on your wedding day?

Be upfront about budget. There is a reason that many vendors do not have all their pricing readily available on a website. If given a budget, many will be able to work with you to customize a service that will work with both your vision and your wallet. Tell your preferred vendors how much you want to spend on their services, and let them show you what they can do. Be open to new suggestions, but also remember that if the price or product doesn’t feel right, you can always continue your search for the perfect fit.

Make your vision clear. We know how much thought goes into choosing every detail of your wedding. Make sure your chosen vendors know it, too. It’s every vendor’s job to help bring your vision to life, so don’t be shy about communicating every little detail! Share your Pinterest boards, spend time brainstorming, and make sure you are comfortable with the final product.

Get to know each other. A professional who gets to know you both as a couple will have a better understanding of what you want on your wedding day. Always meet vendors in person whenever possible, and spend some time getting comfortable with one another. This will help you to open up and establish the kind of connection you’ll want to have when the big day comes. You want your photographer, for example, to be someone you can trust to capture every moment. You will be less nervous if he or she is already a friendly face on your wedding day!

Don’t be afraid to reiterate! Whether it’s follow up emails, phone calls or meetings, don’t hesitate to reach out to your vendors whenever you need some reassurance. You are not being redundant, you’re being thorough, and no professional wants to be left guessing. Your attention to detail will be appreciated, and you will feel secure in knowing that the end product will be just as you envisioned it.

Having open and frequent communication with your vendors is best for both of you. Remember, you are paying for this service, and your hired professionals want to make sure you are happy! If you are planning a Lehigh Valley wedding, ask our event planners for our list of preferred event professionals. We are always happy to make recommendations and help you on the path to the perfect day!

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