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Emergency! How to handle wedding planning woes

Planning your wedding is an exhilarating and option-filled process, one that requires couples to make countless big decisions, often far in advance of your wedding day. So what happens when one of those decisions falls through, or has to be changed at the last minute? Read on for tips on how to move ahead smoothly when wedding plans fall through.

A vendor closes up shop

So you fell in love with your dream florist, booked them for your wedding day, and suddenly, they are going out of business? A sudden vendor closure can have an unfortunate effect on brides and grooms who are planning far in advance. But don’t fret, you have lots of other wedding professionals who can recommend a replacement! If your booked DJ won’t be spinning tunes anymore, ask your venue or other vendors for recommendations based on weddings they have worked in the past. Most venues will have a “preferred vendor” list, like we have here at the event center at blue, with a number of options who will come highly recommended. Looking to other professionals to help replace the lost vendor will help you find a replacement who can meet and even exceed your expectations!

The weather forecast looks bad

If your dream wedding ceremony is to be held outside, but you are approaching the big day with rain or worse in the forecast, talk with your venue about a back-up plan. Always having a fallback in place will help you feel secure even in the face of things that you can’t control, like the weather! Working with an event planner who knows your vision for your big day will help you create the best and most true-to-you back-up plan possible.

Guest list drama

Your invitations have gone out, and you didn’t give cousin Mike a plus one, but he wrote one in on the rsvp card anyway! What to do? Communication is always key in making sure that your guests understand your vision, and your budget, for your wedding day. If a guest request to bring children to your adults-only reception, explaining why you chose to host an adults-only wedding will go a long way. Your guest list is filled with people who love and care about you, and taking the time to talk with your guests will help them understand and respect your wedding day desires.

Unexpected changes to your well-planned wedding can seem disastrous – but they don’t have to be! The opportunity to change things up can be a blessing in disguise, and can help you further customize and create the perfect day that you envisioned. Look to your event planners, like our wedding planners at the event center at blue, to make recommendations and talk through any potential issues that you foresee – we’ve helped countless couples overcome last-minute changes to make their celebration even better!

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