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Weddings at blue: Nicole and Kevin

A wedding reception is so much more than a party: it’s a celebration that brings together friends and families to celebrate a very special couple. One of these couples, Nicole and Kevin, made the most of their Lehigh Valley wedding reception in our event center in August with gorgeous customized decor and a post-wedding celebration on our patio!

Photos courtesy of Wesley Works.

What was your favorite part of planning your wedding?

Our favorite part of planning the wedding was honestly how easy it was. We loved picking out all of the little details of course, but the process felt seamless. The blue events team helped us early on lay out all of the items we would need to think about and gave us a tentative timeline. We felt like we had control of the whole process and were able to choose what we wanted. Blue was wonderful with staying in touch with us and quick to answer questions we had – even when we indicated it wasn’t a rush! They say planning a wedding can be super stressful but honestly we never really felt this. This really allowed us to ENJOY the planning process, and appreciate and take every little moment in along the way.

A second favorite part was definitely the tasting. The food at blue is amazing!! The day where we were able to try a few different entrees was definitely one of the best days of the planning process!

Why did you choose blue as your wedding venue?

We attended a wedding at blue about five years ago. Ever since that day, we’ve talked about how much fun the wedding was and how unbelievably good the food was. When we started looking into places for our own wedding, we knew we wanted to check it out. After an initial meeting at blue and reviewing everything that was included, it was a very easy decision for us to make.  We still looked at a few more places but found ourselves comparing every other place to blue. It’s a gorgeous facility. The one set price for everything really makes the planning part easy. There are no hidden charges or extra fees that sneak up on you. The quality of food and drink combined with the amount of options you have to choose from is definitely something unique!

What did your guests say they enjoyed most about your wedding?

The food!! We can’t tell you how many people have said it was by far one of the best meals they ever had at a wedding. And many of our guests have been to dozens of weddings!  People loved the amount and quality of different hors d’oeuvres. They’ve raved to us about how good their dinner entrée was. We could not have been happier with the food and our guests definitely agree!

What is your favorite memory looking back on your wedding day?

It’s hard to pinpoint one particular memory because the day was so amazing! And when we look through our pictures we are reminded of so many special moments. What could be our overall favorite memory is just how much fun everyone seemed to have throughout the entire event. From enjoying cocktail hour, to dinner, and to dancing the night away, everyone had a blast and it showed. We will always remember how smoothly the day went and how much fun everyone had! Having the ability to stay a little later and spend time on the patio outside was also a nice benefit. Many people weren’t ready to leave when the reception was over so we kept the celebration going by the outdoor bar and fire pit!

“There are many little details that went into those five hours and made our day so special,” said Nicole of their reception at blue. “The servers were extra accommodating and always helpful. The bartenders were entertaining and especially personable. Everyone at blue certainly does the job right.”

“We look back and there really isn’t anything we would have done differently. The meetings and preparation with blue’s event center staff leading up to our day afforded us the ability to enjoy every single second and not worry about a thing. It was absolutely the best day of our lives and we are so grateful for everything. We are fortunate we made the decision to celebrate our day at blue and will be encouraging anyone else who inquires to do the same.”

Our hearts are so full as we congratulate Nikki and Kevin once again on their marriage. Thank you for celebrating with us, and we hope to welcome you back for your first anniversary for dinner at blue (plus champagne and dessert on us!)

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