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Weddings at blue: Alexa and Luciano

A new year means looking ahead to lots of new reasons to celebrate, but we can’t help but look back on the high points of the past year, too; like Alexa and Luciano’s show-stopping wedding here at blue! The happy couple had an eye for romantic details and a vision that we loved helping to bring to life. Hear more from the bride herself:

Photos courtesy of Alison Conklin Photography

What was your favorite part of planning your wedding?

I’m a very detail-oriented person, so I truly enjoyed designing & personalizing every part of our wedding to make it our own! 

Why did you choose blue as your wedding venue?

Being that my husband works in the food industry, and our families are of Italian & Sicilian descent, we knew that one of our biggest priorities needed to be the food at our wedding. It had to be delicious, as well as plentiful! Blue is known for their culinary expertise, so we knew they would deliver on our wedding day. On a sentimental note, both of our parents celebrated their weddings at blue back when it was the “Candlelight Inn”, so that helped us make our decision as well.

What did your guests say they enjoyed most about your wedding?

Our guests loved the food & the decor! They enjoyed the variety of food offered throughout the night, and no one left hungry! Many of our guests complimented how beautifully the ballroom was decorated — it really emanated the romantic vibe we were looking for!

What is your favorite memory looking back on your wedding day?

My favorite memory of our wedding day is every moment that my husband and I had together to soak it all in! A wedding day is crazy busy & flies by, but the few moments you get as husband & wife to realize what’s happening & bask in your love makes it all worth it! We were so thankful to have an expert wedding team who took care of everything, which helped make the day as stress-free as possible!

We couldn’t be more thankful to have had our wedding at blue. Working with Kaitlyn was a dream!! She saw my vision and understood our needs from day one, then worked relentlessly to bring our wedding day to life. She even BUILT us the backdrop of our dreams for our sweetheart table — who else can say that about their wedding planner?!

Congratulations again to Alexa and Luciano on a one-of-a-kind wedding, and the beginning of your lives together!

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