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Wedding Plans: What to keep secret

Planning your wedding is an exciting process. We don’t blame you for wanting to call everyone on your guest list to share that you found the perfect flowers. Many brides love to share every step with friends and family; after all, they are excited, too! But it can also be exciting to keep a few elements of your big day a surprise for your guests. Here are a few of the most popular secrets to save for your wedding day.

The dress. “Have you found a dress yet?” It’s one of the most common questions a bride receives during the planning process, and once you have found the one, it can be tempting to whip out your phone and share photos of that perfect gown. But there is something to be said for saving that reveal for the big day. You want it to be a surprise for your fiancé, why not make it the same for your guests? Now everyone will remember the full picture: you glowing in your gown, walking down the aisle, rather than you in a dressing room.

The dance. Your first dance as a married couple also makes a big impression on your wedding day. Keeping the song choice (and any practiced dance moves) a surprise can also create a lasting first impression. Want to make it more intimate for your guests? Consider including why you chose your song on a placecard at each table setting. Guests can learn a bit more about you as a couple when the learn the backstory of your first dance.

The favors. It your guests will be going home with a creative wedding favor, feel free to keep them a surprise. Just as you like to surprise your bridal party with their gifts, revealing the favors on your wedding day will make them even more special to your guests.

The unexpected! Dying to share all these details with your guests before the wedding? You can always keep the element of surprise by adding an unexpected touch to your wedding, like a clever theme, a special performance or other personal touches. Working together to think of a surprise that tells guests a bit about you as a couple can be an added fun bonus. Get creative!

It’s your wedding. It’s going to be special no matter what. But you can add a touch of surprise by keeping a few details in your back pocket until the big day. Happy planning!

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