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Wedding Plans: What NOT to keep secret

We always encourage our Lehigh Valley brides to save a few surprises for their wedding day, whether it’s their wedding dress, a surprise first dance, or a cute favor for guests! But not everything should be a secret until the big day. You want your guests to feel “in the know” going into your wedding,

What to wear. While a formal, black tie affair certainly requires a note on your invitation, a simple “semi formal attire” included on your wedding invitation cannot hurt for a less formal affair. This encourages guests to look and feel their best on your wedding day. Your female guests will also appreciate a heads up if any part of your ceremony or reception is outdoors. Ladies may not want to wear their highest, skinniest heels if they will be walking through grass to get to your ceremony.

The key players. Whether on your wedding website or in a cute program at your ceremony, let your guests know who else will be walking down the aisle. Chances are your guests don’t all know every member of the bridal party. Give them a little backstory about your party members and what makes them special to you. This gives your guests a chance to get to know a bit more about you and soon-to-be spouse, and to feel more connected to the people who are sharing in your big day.

The timeline. From travel to check-ins to the time of the final shuttle from the reception back to the hotel, it’s important to let your guests know all the whens and wheres of your wedding. Having this information easily accessible, like on your wedding website or even as an insert in your invitations, will help guests plan out their day comfortably. This is especially important if there are any breaks in the day, like a few hours to take photos in between the ceremony and reception. Give your guests some suggestions for what to do with any down time. If you are planning any additional events, like an after-party or a post-wedding brunch, give your guests a heads up about this as well!

That you received a gift! Many modern registries allow guests to buy you a gift online and have it shipped straight to you. As many guests may make these purchases in advance of the wedding, it’s likely that you will receive gifts in the mail before you say “I do.” Though you may be inclined to wait to open the gift until after the wedding, it’s polite to let your guest know that you’ve received it. In no way does this replace the traditional thank you card, but your guest will appreciate the knowledge that their purchase made it to you safely. A quick thank you phone call or message will do the trick, and then you can follow up with a heartfelt thank you card after the wedding.

A well-informed guest will better be able to relax and have a good time at your Lehigh Valley wedding. Plus, making sure your guests know all there is to know about where to be and when prevents them from calling you the week of your wedding with questions. You’ll be busy getting yourself ready for one of the most exciting days of your life!

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