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Destination Wedding without the Destination

Want the destination wedding… but don’t want to sacrifice your budget? Here’s a secret – you don’t have to.

Destination weddings, although beautiful, can rack up the price tag pretty simply. First, travel expenses for yourself. Second, travel expenses for your guests – can they afford them or are you picking up the tab? Lastly, if you can bring the destination to you why wouldn’t you? Here are some tips for bringing that destination feel to your Lehigh Valley Wedding.

The three key things to keep in focus are are theme, color and decorations. If you can get those three things down you’ll be laughing at the fact you once thought sand in your dress would be a great accessory. (It might be, but we can’t promise your dry cleaner will love it!)

So what’s your wedding theme? Where are you and your guests headed?

Always start with the menu. If your destination is the Caribbean, ask your wedding venue about serving fried plantains and jerk chicken during your cocktail hour. If you’re going with a place like Sweden, smoked salmon and meatballs will keep your guests feeling like they’re abroad when they haven’t left Bethlehem. Ask our event planners about customizing your wedding menu.

Destination: Color Scheme. Once you’ve decided your destination, this is when the color scheme steps in. For instance, if the destination of your choice is Tuscany, colors should include pinks, beiges, and light yellows. Greenery is also a plus, to represent all the grape vines that surround the area. More south of Europe, if your destination of choice is the Spanish countryside, lots of off-whites and yellows will be your go-to. Color schemes are extremely important because they will help take your guest to where you want them to go.

Add more with decor. Decorations will make or break the imagination of your guests. As well as looking to other blogs for inspiration, check out your destination’s travel site. More often than not, travel sites will show the touristy locations but those locations will be the most recognizable. We’re not saying drag some kiddy pools into the event center and surround them with sand, but glass centerpieces filled with shells and sand glass could make all the difference!

Want some more inspiration for your not Lehigh Valley but totally Lehigh Valley destination wedding?

We love Weddingchick’s piece on desert-inspired boho weddings and 100LayerCake’s article on a Spanish countryside wedding that you can draw ideas from no matter where your wedding is located!

Let your wedding dreams come true without your budget suffering. You can still have that dream destination wedding right in the Lehigh Valley! Contact our event planners to learn more about how the event center at blue can help bring your destination wedding vision to life.

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