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Weather Fixes for Outdoor Weddings

This time of year, brides are all but bombarded with ideas for outdoor weddings. Whether it’s perfect photos on Pinterest or attending a friend’s balmy nuptials that get you in the mood for sunny vows, there’s no denying the appeal. But if you’re planning a wedding of your own for the great outdoors, keep your head (and your guests) out of the clouds by planning for the top three outdoor wedding woes.

Planning for rain: There’s no denying the risk involved in planning an outdoor wedding. You’ll be checking the extended forecast for rain predictions endlessly leading up to your big day. The key to relieving this stress is to plan for the worst. If you don’t want to consider covering your outdoor space with a tent, make sure you find a back up indoor plan that you’ll be happy with. Aim for a location close to your intended outdoor space, so the transition indoors, if necessary, is easy for guests to follow.

Planning for NO rain: The sunny wedding day of your dreams might be in your future, but it could leave your guests feeling the heat. You beachfront, garden or hillside ceremony could turn hot and buggy easily. Choose a shady spot if you can, and offer your guests every possible remedy for fighting off potential outdoor woes. A cute table of cold water and lemonade, a basket of fans and sunglasses, or a bug spray display can go a long way towards making your guests comfortable while you walk down the (hopefully breezy) aisle.

Planning for NO sweaty groomsmen: You may have picked out the perfect cool and flowy wedding gown, but you aren’t the only one standing for the duration of your ceremony. When choosing the colors, styles and fabrics for your bridal party, consider the potential for warm to hot temperatures. Keep bridesmaids dresses short, loose, or lighter in color (preferably all three!), and consider a jacket-less groom and groomsmen, or a suit in a lighter color. Your party members will thank you.

Planning for the elements before your outdoor wedding will help you prepare for any tricks Mother Nature has in store for your big day. Making sure you are clear about your ceremony location on your wedding invitations will help guests be prepared, too. Now that you are ready for the worst, you can sit back, relax… and still cross your fingers for perfect weather on your wedding day!

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