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Tips for designing a wedding centerpiece

Choosing a wedding centerpiece can be daunting for many couples. It’s such a defining part of your wedding’s theme and décor, and there are so many options! But you already have more figured out than you think. From gorgeous bouquets to adorable DIYs, follow our tips for designing a top centerpiece.

1. Consider your theme

Think about your wedding. Can you picture the colors, the time of year, what your fiancé will be wearing? All of these are things to consider as you design your centerpieces. Also think about the adjectives you would use to describe your big day: romantic, whimsical, rustic, elegant? Use these terms to help envision the right look

2. Consider your guests

You want your guests to enjoy your wedding. Make sure they enjoy the company, too, by presenting centerpieces that are not too obtrusive to guests as they communicate across the table. Consider a tall, thin vase topped with a grand flower display, or a table-level presentation of shorter jars and candles.

3. Matching vs. Complementing

There is no rule that says every table has to be identical!  You can spread your biggest arrangements out upon half your tables, and stick to a clean, simpler look in the same color scheme on the rest. This can help visually open up your reception space, as well as save you considerable money.

4. Buy local

If you are set on flowers for your centerpieces, look for a florist who is local to your reception area. Someone familiar with the climate can recommend flowers that bloom best in your chosen time of year. Our event center staff are happy to recommend local Lehigh Valley florists for your wedding!

5. Keep flowers diverse

Whether you love roses or are craving a rustic, baby’s breath look, diversity in your flowers will peak guests’ interest and help keep your costs down. Your florist can recommend what will really show off your favorite type of bloom.

6. DIY Smart

From burlap and mason jars to glitter and wine corks, there is no shortage of centerpieces that you can create yourself! If you want to take on a DIY centerpiece, choose one that can be created far in advance, and enjoy completing the project with your wedding party. You don’t want to be scrambling last minute to craft your creations.

7. Keep it sturdy

Let’s face it; spills happen. So do slips, breaks and elbow swings. Prepare for the worst by keeping your centerpiece sturdy and well weighted at the center of the table, where hopefully most mishaps won’t reach them.

8. Go with your gut

As with the rest of your wedding planning, explore all your centerpiece options, but stick with your gut! If you and your fiancé have loved a certain style from the beginning, don’t get bogged down by all the possibilities. Stick with what you love, and you will love it the day of!

For more ideas, pictures and suggestions, be sure to visit the event center at blue’s Lehigh Valley weddings Pinterest page! Looking for inspiration is the first step to choosing a wedding centerpiece, and we’re always happy to help couples envision their big day.

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