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The perfect plated meal

Beef, chicken, or fish? These options sound simple enough to a guest choosing their plated entrée on an RSVP card, but there is a lot that goes into crafting the perfect wedding meal. If you a planning a plated dinner reception, consider these tips from our pros on how to plan the perfect meal!

Salad and Sides? Keep them Simple. Yes, we do offer a blue cheese and bacon Wedge Salad on our Lehigh Valley Wedding menu. But what about guests who are lactose intolerant or vegetarian? For those items like salad, sides or sauces that will be served the same to all guests, consider keeping it simple. Our Market Green Salad, for example, would be appropriate for most guests with dietary restrictions. (But if you and your fiancé are really craving that Wedge Salad, don’t worry, we can make one just for you on your wedding day!)

Consider Your Guests when Choosing Entrees. Look through your guest list before choosing the options for your entrée. Do you have vegan or vegetarian guests on the invite list? If so, it is considerate to include a vegetarian option in your choices.

Ask for Dietary Restrictions. Leaving some space on your RSVP card for your invitees and their guests to inform you of any dietary restrictions can be very helpful for your venue. Be sure to pass this information along to your venue with your final meal count and seating arrangements, so that the chef can make note of any serious allergies and plan accordingly.

Diverse Desserts. A new trend in desserts is taking the wedding cake to the next level with fancy flavors. But what if your dream chocolate caramel cake isn’t the dream for your guests? Consider a multi-flavored cake or some modern wedding cake alternatives or additions to add some diversity to the dessert table. This way, all your guests can find something to satisfy their sweet tooth!

From start to finish, you want the food enjoyed at your wedding to be enjoyable for your guests. A bit of planning can help you craft the perfect plated meal for your wedding that will accommodate any and all of your guests. Looking for more suggestions? Our wedding planners have tried and true menu tips to make your wedding just as delicious as it is beautiful.

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