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The “Now What?” stage of wedding planning

It happens to every couple. You’re in full on planning mode: booking your wedding venue, choosing your vendors, picking your wedding colors. You’re feeling busy, productive, and on top of it all… until suddenly there is nothing left to be on top of! Everything that can be done at this point in the planning has already been done. Now what?

It’s natural to worry that you are forgetting something, but rest assured, this “Now What” stage is totally normal! It may fall around the time that your Save the Dates have been sent, you have all your vendors booked and your vision is clear for the big day. Of course there are still elements that need to be planned, but not until you are closer to the wedding. So what should you do in the meantime?

Get organized. With all your contracts signed, this down time gives you the perfect opportunity to make sure all your hard work so far stays organized and in order. Prepare a ‘bridal binder’ with printed copies of all your paperwork, your timelines, and notes from past vendor meetings. This will be an invaluable resource a few months later when you want to recall a specific detail of your planning so far.

Get excited. With all your big decisions made, questions from curious friends and family about your plans won’t be stressful in the slightest! Let them share in your excitement for the big day by talking about your awesome florist or DJ, but don’t hesitate to keep a few details a secret to surprise future guests!

Ask the big question. If you are feeling antsy during the “Now What?” phase, consult your wedding planner and revisit that most important question: “Is there anything else I should be doing right now”? Our Lehigh Valley wedding planners have been helping couples plan their big days for over 30 years, and can help you look at your timeline and determine if there is anything else you should be considering at any certain time. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure nothing gets forgotten!

If it’s a Lehigh Valley wedding you’re planning, visit our Bethlehem wedding venue to talk to our wedding planners and learn how we can help on the way to your wedding day. The event center at blue offers four ballrooms for weddings of up to 420 guests, and we love to help each and every couple create your dream wedding!

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