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The MOST important question to ask your wedding planner

We’ve all seen the lists – questions you should ask your venue, your photographer, even your florist as you begin planning your wedding. No matter the vendor or location, you want to learn as much as you can (and you should – we want you to ask lots of questions)! But if you’re feeling uncertain or not sure where to begin, remembering to ask this ONE simple question will get you on track, and help keep you there.

With over 30 years of Lehigh Valley weddings under our belts, our staff at the event center at blue is ready to answer even your most unlikely questions. It’s important to find planners and professionals you can trust, so you feel comfortable putting your big day in our hands. Which brings us to the one question you should always ask:

“Is there anything else I should be thinking about right now?”

Ending every conversation with a planner or vendor with this question is guaranteed to put your mind at ease. As wedding professionals, we have been through this process many times; so many, in fact, that we can offer suggestions of what else you might want to start thinking about at any point in your planning. Maybe you’ve already thought of everything, or maybe we can mention another element that would be good to start brainstorming about and discussing with your fiancé. Either way, you will leave knowing that you’ve got everything covered.

We get this question often, and we are always thrilled to hear it. It is also a perfect way to follow up with a planner or vendor, especially if you are ever feeling like you might be missing something.

With how early the wedding planning process typically begins, there tends to be a lull during which all the early particulars are set, and the remaining specifics don’t need to be addressed quite yet. This period of time can get under a bride’s skin, making her wonder if there is anything she might be missing. We assure you – this is totally normal! Let us put your mind at ease by answering this simple question for you.

Planning a wedding in the Lehigh Valley? Bring us all your questions, including this one, and let’s talk about your big day. Our goal is to not only execute your dream wedding, but to help you feel great throughout the entire process.

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