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Spring into stylish wedding colors

With *finally* warm weather on the horizon, we’re head over heels for wedding colors that scream spring! While choosing the right centerpieces is often at the forefront of a couple’s decorating decisions, there are many other subtle ways to incorporate color into your wedding day. Whether your style is rainbow-filled or typically black and white, there are countless ways to bring fresh color into your spring or summer wedding. Here are some of event center at blue brides’ favorites:

Refresh your Linens

A quick and easy way to add a pop of color is by choosing a standout napkin color. A range of colors come standard with your wedding package at blue, not to mention special textured tablecloths and specialty napkins that can take your table to the next level! Even if you have kept your color palate very clean and simple elsewhere in your decorations, napkins and tablecloths are a quick and consistent way to add color throughout your wedding reception space.

Uplighting on the Dance Floor

At the event center at blue, make your wedding a party to remember with colored lighting that adds a glow to your guests when they hit the dance floor. Our uplighting can be programed to various colors for a literal spotlight featuring the color of your choice!

Wedding Favors

Planning a cute favor for your guests? If it is something small enough, incorporate it into your table settings for consistent pops of color across your tables. Custom candies going home with your guests? Pack them in various different colored mesh bags or boxes to create a pattern of colors.

Signature Cocktail

Where better to spot your favorite color than in a cocktail glass? From lavender and lime to vibrant hibiscus, blue offers a range of specialty cocktails that can show off countless colors. Talk with your event planner about using your featured cocktail to further showcase your color of choice.

Not sure which colors to showcase at your wedding reception? Talk with your venue to get ideas from previous brides and grooms favorite looks. Or for more inspiration, visit the event center at blue on Pinterest!

Planning a Lehigh Valley Wedding? Let us know how we can help! Contact our event planners today.

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