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Choose & Reuse your Wedding Centerpieces

An often-heard gripe about wedding planning is that after months of preparation, it’s all over in a single day. But what if some of your wedding elements could be repurposed and reused after your wedding? One great way to do this is to invest in centerpieces and decorations that you can reuse as home décor after the big day. Here are some ideas for reusable wedding centerpieces:

  • Statement vases. Although flowers are a longtime centerpiece favorite, the increasingly diverse selection of decorative vases available to brides today may start to steal flowers’ thunder. A collection of uniquely shaped vases can make a statement even if they are not flower-filled, or you may elect to only fill some of them. Look for consistency in at least one element of these pieces: like one color if your vases are varied shapes and sizes – and make it a color that will look great on your dining room table at home!
  • Lighting accents. We’re loving the trend of using delicate strings of lights as a part of wedding décor. Whether it’s a fine string wrapped around a rustic stick display, or a lantern filled with a perfectly messy ball of Christmas lights, these elements add a wonderful glow to your wedding reception, and will also come in handy during next year’s holiday decorating!
  • On-theme props. Did you and your fiancé meet abroad? Decorate your gift table with a globe and old postcards that will look great in your home office. Huge baseball fans? A basket of baseballs and accessories will remind your guests what draws you together as a couple, and will certainly come in handy for your next backyard game. If it means a lot to you, it will be all the more memorable at your wedding!
  • Personal items. Already have a great collection of décor? Consider what from your lives could make a unique statement at your wedding. If you love wine, star saving your wine bottles to use as vases or decorative displays on the gift table. Family heirlooms passed down many generations? Use them to create a display honoring your families. There is no wrong way to show off what makes you as a couple unique!

Whatever your wedding theme or color scheme, if it’s a look that both of you enjoy, you will love getting to reuse it in your day-to-day lives! By repurposing this look in your home after the wedding, you can start your lives together surrounded by memories of the first day of your married life.

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