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Planning Your Child’s Wedding

Congratulations! Your son or daughter is getting married. It’s a coming of age for your child, but we know this is a big day for you as parents, too. At our Lehigh Valley wedding venue, often the parents are just as involved planning as the couple planning to tie the knot. How can you help make your not-so-little-anymore kid’s wedding the day of their dreams?

Listen & Learn. Whether your daughter has been planning her wedding on Pinterest for years or is just starting to envision her wedding day, talk to her and her fiancé about what they imagine for their big day. Before making suggestions, find out what’s most important to them as a couple.

Talk about the big stuff. Although many couples today elect to pay for their own weddings, we still see many couples whose parents help pay for their wedding in some way. Talk about these numbers early on with your son or daughter. Being upfront about how much you can contribute will help the entire family to plan effectively.

Honor chosen traditions. Your son may want to follow in your footsteps with a lakeside ceremony, but if he chooses not to, don’t be offended. They may want to hold a different style ceremony, but that does not mean they don’t want to incorporate family values. Talk about different ways to incorporate old traditions right alongside new ones, and remember that you are helping them create a memory all their own!

Enjoy every minute! From planning to the party, the engagement and wedding of a son or daughter is an unparalleled experience for a parent. Every family’s involvement might be different, but you are creating memories that you’ll remember forever. Enjoy each moment, share your love and be there for it all… right up to the walk down the aisle.

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