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Overcome the top 3 wedding dress doubts

With all the decisions that need to be made before a wedding, choosing a gown may be the most monumental for a bride. Trying on wedding dresses can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, and saying “yes” to a gown is a moment that plagues many a bride-to-be.

These top three dress doubts are common with every bride, but with the right mindset, you can overcome these fears and fall for the perfect dress!

I’m not getting that feeling.

All too often, brides are told that when you find the right gown, you will just know. But don’t worry if you are trying on dresses and not immediately bursting into tears! Not everyone will react that way when they find “the one.” Your reaction to the right dress really depends on your personality.

If you typically need time to think about big decisions, you might prefer to take some pictures of your favorite gown and spend some time reflecting before you say “yes.” In time, your instincts will help you decide, even if they aren’t as immediate or obvious as you had expected.

It’s not what I thought I wanted.

Many brides go into their first bridal appointment having done some research. You might have a vague idea in mind of what you want, or maybe even a specific dress that you can’t wait to try.

But if these dresses aren’t living up to your expectations, don’t be afraid to try something totally different. A new style just might surprise you in the best way possible. If you love it, try to create a new vision in your mind. A surprisingly different dress could help make your wedding day feel even more special!

What if I picked the wrong gown?

You picked your dress… and now you wait. The time between ordering and finally putting on your wedding gown can be a nail-biting one. Our biggest tip – don’t look at more wedding dresses! Restrict your research to the next steps in your planning, like centerpieces and favors, rather than looking at more gowns that might cause you to second guess yourself.

If you do find yourself questioning the decision, don’t hesitate to contact the store or your consultant. They want to you be happy with your choice, and if it takes one more visit to see the sample gown in person to put your mind at ease, they will be happy to help!

Above all, if you trust your instincts and vision to guide you to a gown that you feel good in, that confidence will shine through no matter what the dress looks like. After all, it’s your wedding day!

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