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Navigating Pinterest for wedding planning

Weddings. They’re what Pinterest was made for. The bride-to-be can find an infinite number of ideas for everything from wedding gowns to table settings. But how do you browse without becoming overwhelmed? Follow our tips for navigating Pinterest for wedding planning.

Browse for inspiration

Pinterest is an incredibly valuable tool for helping to determine elements of your wedding day. Browsing through the “Weddings” category will offer you no shortage of ideas for every part of the day. If you are just starting your planning, spend some time perusing through any and all wedding ideas on Pinterest, and create a board to pin any that stand out.

Narrow down and Search

As you start to determine what colors, centerpieces, and favors may interest you, begin to search for them specifically to find related ideas. If you particularly like lilies, searching Pinterest for “lilly bouquets” will help keep you on track better than browsing. Continue to pin any standouts to your new board.

Look for Vendors

Also consider searching Pinterest for any vendors or venues you are considering. Many will have their own Pinterest account, which can show you ways that people have customized your exact wedding space. We have our own account for the event center, and love to post the ways people customize our Lehigh Valley ballrooms!

Take a break!

Once you have some ideas pinned, or you are feeling at all overwhelmed by all the options, take a Pinterest break. Share some of your favorite ideas with your fiancé, and spend some time talking about what you both want your day to look like. Plus, looking at your Pinterest board a few days later with fresh eyes will help you determine your all-time favorites and any overall themes.

Make it your own

Now that you have seen a lot of inspiring ideas, it’s time to start making them perfect for YOUR wedding! You and your fiancé have a style all your own, and you don’t want to just recreate someone else’s day. Put your own twists on some of your favorite Pinterest ideas and you will start to see a totally unique wedding come together.

Know when to stop

After choosing some of your favorite ideas and customizing them, you will have plenty of information to share with friends, family, and your wedding planner about how you envision your day. As you start executing these plans and your wedding day gets closer, we recommend you put an end to your Pinterest browsing!

Once you have your vision, it can be confusing to see too many new ideas. You may begin to second guess yourself, or feel compelled to change or add something after you’ve already begun to plan. Trust your instincts, and remember that this day is about the two of you! Although a cool guest book or statement centerpiece may make an impression, at the end of it all, your guests will remember how happy you both were. Remember that, and no wedding ideas on Pinterest will be too overwhelming!

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