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Keeping the Romance in Wedding Planning

How do you get more romantic than “Will you marry me”? Once the question has been popped and the wedding plans begin, it’s easy to get swept up in the preparation. But so much of wedding planning can be just as romantic as asking the big question! Take the time to really feel the love in these moments, and you and your fiancé will enjoy not just your wedding, but every day leading up to it.

Taking Engagement Photos – We’ve already discussed the benefits of doing an engagement shoot with your photographer. But this preliminary shoot can also help you and your fiancé really connect prior to the big day. Some of the best photos will be of the two of you just being yourselves – laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Let that be a reminder of how much you enjoy being together, and revisit those feelings often by looking through your awesome photos.

Planning your Ceremony – Choosing the words that will be said before “I do” can be incredibly intimate. Pick each reading or song together, and really think about the words or lyrics. You’ll look back on these choices years later as a reminder of the vows you’ve made to one another.

Choosing your Wedding Song – Your first dance as a married couple is another memory that will remain close to your heart. Spend time brainstorming with your fiancé to choose a song that feels like you – rather than something you feel like you should choose. A song that carries special meaning for the two of you will make that moment even more special.

Creating your Registry – As fun as it is to scan all those barcodes, creating a registry is really about creating your everyday lives together. Have fun choosing things that you can imagine yourselves using together. You’re not just buying plates and silverware, your building the first family dinner party that you’ll host as a married couple. Not in need of kitchen supplies? Consider one of the many alternative registry ideas that have become popular for modern couples.

Planning your Honeymoon – Time spent just the two of you will allow for all the romance you could imagine! Coming together to plan that time away will help you forget all the tiny details of wedding planning and remember to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Remembering the romance in your engagement will help you to plan for a wedding that truly embodies you as a couple. Enjoy all the little moments that you get to share together. After all, your wedding day will be special, but even more special is the relationship (and romance!) that the two of you share.

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