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Hosting the Holidays & Planning a Wedding

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and it’s often made more wonderful with surprise holiday engagements! We love to hear from our Lehigh Valley brides how their fiancé popped the question around the holiday season, and it certainly makes for extra festive family gatherings.

With all the family members sharing in your excitement, you’re bound to get a lot of questions and suggestions about the wedding – when you’ve hardly even begun to plan! How do you field all the questions you don’t yet have the answers to?

“Have you set a date?”

It’s a seemingly easy question: the answer is a simple yes or no. But you may not want to boldly announce your date just yet, even if you have one set. “We’re looking at next spring” instead of “Yes! April 16th!” can help suggest that you are still in the very early stages of planning, and doesn’t suggest to the questioner that they should save that date. After all, you may not have determined your guest list yet!

“Where will you get married?”

This is a question worth discussing with your new fiancé before the friends and family come over for holiday dinner. You don’t want to be on different pages on this when your loved ones start asking questions about the big day. Even if the answer is “We’re not sure yet!”, it’s better to have the same response prepared than to realize over the mashed potatoes that you had different visions for your wedding day.

“Have you thought about _______ yet?”

That blank space can be filled in with about a thousand different things, many of which you won’t have thought about yet if you just got engaged. Whether its about your dress, color scheme, wedding theme, or flower girls, likely the person asking has their own stories to tell about their wedding or weddings they have been to about that topic. If you’re not ready to discuss these for your own wedding, return the inquiry and ask about their thoughts on that “blank”. You might even get some ideas to use from their experience!

“Tell us about the proposal!”

Well, this is an easy one! You and your fiancé have a new, romantic, exciting story to tell about how you got engaged that everyone wants to hear. Sharing this tale with family and friends will make your holidays even more memorable, and help everyone around the holiday table share in your excitement about what lies ahead. For now, enjoy the engagement, the company, and the holiday cheer!

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