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Does your wedding have to have a “theme”?

From New Year’s Eve to nautical, we’ve seen countless gorgeous receptions in our Bethlehem wedding venue with a diverse range of themes. We love a candlelit black-tie affair and a rustic, wildflower-filled wedding equally, and we enjoy working with couples to help choose their preferred direction. But for the couple that has a broader concept in mind, do you have to have a specific “theme”?

Every couple defines the word “theme” differently. For some couples, a theme could mean emulating a specific concept, like using Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as inspiration for wedding colors, décor and centerpieces. Others might have a color palate that they are trying to follow, and would refer to that as their theme.

“What’s your wedding theme?” is a question often asked by wedding invitees, but we encourage couples not to let that question limit their ideas. Your “theme” might be “Disney” or “beachy”, but that does not mean that you can’t include your own twists, or abandon the traditional theme altogether.

The “theme” of every wedding should start, very simply, with what you and your fiancé want to see on your wedding day. Maybe you have a collection of antique vases you like for centerpieces, but you also love the modern, submerged flower look. Mix up your glassware, add different colored flowers, and expand your décor from there. If you find a starting point and let that inform the style of your wedding, you’ve created your own theme that doesn’t need any name other than yours.

If your hearts are set on a Star Wars themed wedding – like Caroline and Phil‘s in our event center – go all out and enjoy every minute! If you’re less sure about a specific “theme”, just start planning and see where it takes you. At the end of it all, it will be the fun you had planning with your fiancé that will shine through the most on your wedding day.

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