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Dessert Dilema – When you don’t want a “typical” wedding cake

Looking to mix things up for dessert at your wedding? As much as we love the classic wedding cake, it’s been a blast to work with many recent brides who want to do something a bit different. Get some creative wedding dessert inspiration from our Lehigh Valley brides:

Cake… with a Twist. For some couples, it’s more about what’s inside the cake than what it looks like. If you’re still craving that classic look but want to go beyond the basic flavors, don’t hesitate to ask about it at your chosen bakery. Many cake professionals have a modern mix of flavors to choose from, including dietary adaptations like gluten free and vegan cakes.

Cake… with a Pop. If you still like that tiered look, but want a more casual serving style than a plated cake slice, cake pops may be the way to go. You can build or buy a tiered structure to hold your cake pops, so they resemble a large cake all together but are easy to serve in individual bites. Plus, you can always top your tier with a small cake for you and your fiancĂ© to cut into for a classic feel.

Cookie Tables. We love a family tradition brought to life at a wedding, and one that is reemerging recently is the cookie table. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and countless other family members of the newlyweds cook their signature baked treats for a display at the wedding. This is wonderful if you and your fiancĂ© have favorite family dessert recipes that you’d love to showcase on your big day.

Small Bites. Recreate your cocktail hour at the end of the night with a spread of small, diverse desserts. You’ll have something for everyone, and guests will enjoy picking and choosing their own little bites. Plus, they can carry them with them on the dance floor!

Flavorful Fountains. A fan favorite at our event center is the chocolate fountain. A great addition to any type of dessert, a fountain of flowing melted chocolate makes quite the statement for guests, and also allows them to pick and choose what cookies, fruits, or other sweets they’d like to dip.

Interested in any of these wedding cake alternatives? Ask our event center wedding planners about how we can customize the sweetest part of your wedding day.

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