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4 things to remember when choosing wedding colors

The venue – check. The photographer – check. Once you get rolling with your wedding planning, it’s really satisfying to check off some of the big players for your big day. Next, it’s time to move on to the little, specific things that make a big difference, like choosing your wedding colors.

Don’t get bogged down by all the options – just remember these four things and the right choices will reveal themselves!

1. Remember the time of year

Forget the wedding for a moment, and think about other events that occur every year during the month of your wedding. What holidays, celebrations or parties does your wedding month make you think of? What kind of colors and outfits do you associate with that time of year? While a July wedding may have you thinking of the bright, bold colors of summer, exchanging nuptials in early spring may have you envisioning a softer color palate.

2. Remember your venue

We strongly recommend a walk through of your reception space well before the wedding, to help you create a vision of your big day. This vision involves not just the colors of YOUR décor, but also the décor already present at your venue. Take note of the big stylistic elements of the space: for example, does it have exposed beams, uplighting on the ceiling, or hanging chandeliers? What is the flooring like? The entrance hall? Is any part of it outdoors? Take pictures to help remember, and keep the space in mind when choosing your wedding colors.

3. Remember to find some contrast

Envision the classic photo of a bride and groom. Even amidst the ever-changing world of weddings, you’re picturing a white dress on the bride and a dark suit on the groom, right? There’s a reason this classic has stood the test of time: contrasting colors look great together. Whether your contrasts are black and white, blue and orange, or a more subtle tan and sea foam green, make sure your overall palate has some interesting dimension.

4. Remember yourself!

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with color options and combinations, trying to keep in mind everything from dresses to tabletops. If your head starts to spin – go back to the basics. What were the first colors that stood out to you and your fiancé? Do the two of you have favorite colors? What colors do you like to decorate with at home? While you shouldn’t be afraid to bring some new colors into the wedding mix, your comfort zone is always an excellent place to start.

Whether it’s a Lehigh Valley wedding you’re planning, or a destination day worlds away, we’re happy to help inspire some wedding color palates! From centerpiece ideas to wedding wear for the groom, we’re always sharing ideas from our event center at blue weddings that show infinite color options. Just remember the above, and you’ll be navigating like a wedding pro in no time!

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