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Category: Wedding Etiquette

Host an Adults-Only wedding… the Polite way!

planning an adults-only wedding... the polite way!

An adult’s-only wedding reception is far from uncommon – in fact, at our Lehigh Valley wedding venue, we see many couples opt to limit their guest list to just the grown-ups. When you decide to impose this age line, telling your guests who have kids of their own can feel awkward – but it doesn’t have to!

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The Importance of Seating Charts

wedding seating arrangements | bethlehem pa wedding venue

Your RSVPs are coming in, and you and your fiancé are ready to do the impossible: construct the perfect seating arrangement for your wedding guests. As important as it is to sit friends together and exes far apart, there are reasons aside from who knows who to choose certain seats for certain guests. Don’t overlook these oft-forgotten elements of developing the perfect seating chart.

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How to say “no” during wedding planning

wedding cheers - How to say No duirng wedding planning

You’re planning a celebration that you and your fiancé will remember for the rest of your lives. It’s a huge day for the two of you, but it’s also a big day for your friends and family. As suggestions, requests and ideas come pouring in from your loved ones during wedding planning, it’s difficult to draw the line. But “no” doesn’t have to be a cursed word in your wedding vocabulary if you learn to use it the right way. Here’s how.

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